Palermo, Cefalú, Gangi (Day 1) – Sicily in Spring 2024

Monkey Family


Exploring Palermo

An Early Start: The alarm clock rang at 03:15 AM so we could be at the airport by 4:30 AM. We took off at 06:00 AM and reached Palermo by 8:30 AM.

By 9:30 AM, we had everything sorted and grabbed our rental car.

Parking at the harbor cost us 5 € for half a day and it was kind of unofficial, but at least we managed to find a spot.

Delicious Find: A fish vendor with a smal stand turned out to be a treasure, offering homemade anchovies and tuna in oil – a delight! A small glass costs 6€, a large one 10 € and it was definitely worth the price.

We treated ourselves to porchetta paninis and fresh orange juice for breakfast. The panini was delicious and the porchetta full of herbal flavours. and it was a great opportunity to practice some basic italian

Walking into the city, we discovered the Sunday flea market. It had a nice vibe to it, but we didnt buy anything, as it was basically the usual flea market stuff to buy.

City Stroll: The city was bustling, and we enjoyed a leisurely walk through the streets. The beautiful old town is quite tourisic and partly full of trash, so we didnt stay for too long. The arcitecture and vibe is still beautiful.

Tip: If you leave the lagre touristy streets, you can find some beautiful little shops and cafés with exceptionally friendly people.

Another Tip: If you want to stay here for a night and like cooking, book an apatment with a kitchen to make the best out of your stay!

Drone Photos at Capo Zafferano: A quick trip for impressive shots.

Drive to Cefalú: There, we indulged in a midday snack of a large salad and caponata di carciofi at 3:30 PM.

Cefalú Experience: The center was charming, but the crowded beach was somewhat disappointing.

Gangi Mountain Village: A true gem at 800m altitude with views of the majestic Mount Etna and a beautiful green landscape.

Arrival at the “Gaglio Tramontana” Hotel: Located on a ridge, the setting was breathtaking, and the rooftop terrace offered a great view.

Dinner Delight: Rettangoli filled with burrata in tomato sauce and garnished with stracciatella cheese and basil – simply delicious!

Shared “Pizza Saracena”: A perfect dough with cream, gorgonzola, zucchini, prosciutto, and pistachio pieces – a culinary delight.

Pleasant Atmosphere: The restaurant was relaxed and mainly frequented by locals.

Relaxed Conclusion: After dinner, we enjoyed a hot shower and then went to bed quite early to start the next day well-rested.


Explore Ubud Market and a have a nice dinner at a local warung. If you like roast pork, there is a great traditional Babi Guling (careful very spicy) place next to the Falala Chocolate Shop near Suarti Botique Village. 18 Kopi is also a nice place to eat. It is a little more western style but still very cozy and the food and drinks are great.

While getting food we planned the next day with our driver Wayan. We wrote him where we wanted to go and arranged a time for the pick up the next morning.

Day 2: Discovering Ubud's Treasures

Wayan picked us up on time early in the morning to head to the Tegallalang Rice terrace. We arrived early as only in the morning the light is beautiful and shines on the rice terrace whithout having too much light. We took a stroll through the rice fields. Prepare to get a little muddy as it is easy to slip. The rice fields are so tranquil in the morning it is a total different feeling than in the afternoon when many people will be arriving at the same spot.

After the Rice Field head to some of the beautiful waterfalls around Ubud. For us the most spectecular one is Tukad Cepung Waterfall. The bautiful way to the waterfall and the Canyon where you get this mystical vibe is just something to remember. But it is also worth visiting Tibumana waterfall, Suwat Waterfall or Kato Lampo. These are very popular waterfalls and especially at Kato Lampo waterfall there migtht be a lot of people trying to get the perfect picture. It was not the best waterfall for us but it was kind of interesting what some people do for their pictures.

Almost every place in Bali has an entrance fee so for these waterfalls the entrance fee is between 0.80 – 3 $.

After having Lunch at a warung get back to Ubud and visit the famous Monkey Forest. Don’t bring any Food and if possible leave all your belongings in the car as these cheeky Monkeys try to steal everything they can get into their small & quick hands.

Ubud is also famous for the traditional dance shows. So if you are not too tiered after a day of exploration go and see one of those traditional performances at the Ubud palace.

The price for the car and driver for the full day varies depending on where you want to go. So for a full day exploring in and around Ubud cost about 60$ per car.


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