Passion to Wander

Passion to Wander



Travelling is a way to connect with other people, understand different cultures, appreciate nature, and discover ourselves. Wandering the globe as a full-time job is still one of our biggest dreams.

This blog is dedicated to sharing our experiences and learnings for others with similar aspirations.

Join us as we explore the world and make memories together.

Featured Posts

Apr 22
Palermo, Cefalú, Gangi (Day 1) – Sicily in Spring 2024

Palermo Exploring Palermo An Early Start: The alarm clock rang at 03:15 AM so we could be at the airport by 4:30 AM. We took off at 06:00 AM and reached Palermo by 8:30 AM. By 9:30 AM, we had everything sorted and grabbed our rental car. Parking at the harbor cost us 5 € for […]

Feb 18
Our 10 favourite Photo spots on Bali

Table of Contents 1. Bukit Cinta Bukit Cinta is the perfect spot for a sunrise mission! The view on the Vulcano with the Rice fields in the front ist just beautiful. The drive from Ubud takes about 1:30 hours but you still have to get up really early as the sun rises between  5:30 an […]

Oct 03
Villa Park, Sun Island – Hotel Review

We arrived at Villa Park with high hopes after having a great time at Royal Island, and initially, the island didn’t disappoint. Approaching Villa Park by boat, we were immediately drawn to the large sandbank, extensive white sandy beaches, and numerous palm trees reaching over the turquoise water. Table of Contents Friendly Welcome The Transfer […]

“Not all those who wander are lost”

- J.R.R. Tolkien

About Us

We are Maxi and Gerrit. We love travelling, meeting people, exploring and sharing our experiences.

It is not (only) about the perfect photo but about exploring places and discovering new stuff you didn’t even know existed.

And when we get some good food in the end of an exciting and tiring day, we are happy.


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