7 Day Bali

7 Day Bali

Must-See Photo Spots

We have put together all the must-see destinations in our 7 Day Bali Guide. The itinerary is perfect for you, if you want to explore the island’s most famous places in 7 days and spend some calm days at the beach after wards. If you stop over in bali for a week and go on to any other destination, this plan is perfect for you, too. 

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Rice fields at Anusara Luxury Villas
Monkey Family

Day 1 - 2

Day 1: Arrive in Denpasar and drive to Ubud

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Arrive at the airport in Denpasar, get a taxi and drive to your first accomodation in Ubud.
Tip: if you don’t feel like driving a scooter yourself, ask the driver if he has time the next days to drive you around.
You can communicate a lot easier through WhatsApp and schedule day trips to the beautiful Highlights around Ubud when you have a dedicated driver.
Stay at the beautiful Suarti Boutique Village Hotel (80 – 120 $ per night). 
If you want the real Bali experience, book your own beautiful Villa with a private Pool. 
We had Breakfast at the cozy hotel restaurant between the pool area and a busy road which was pretty fun to watch.  
You could choose between a few meals like traditional Nasi Goreng, fresh fruits and pancakes. The homemade fruit juices were absolutely refreshing, too

Explore Ubud, the Market and a have a nice dinner at a local warung.  To get to the city, just head to the right when getting out of the hotel to the next junction and then turn left. Be aware, that the way is quite dark at night but we always felt safe.

Tip: If you like roast pork, there is a great traditional Babi Guling (the sauce is very spicy!) place next to the Falala Chocolate Shop. 18 Kopi is also a nice place to eat. It is a little more western style but still very cozy and the food and drinks are great.

While sitting down to get some food, you can plan the next day with your driver. We recommend starting early. We started at 6 am to catch the beautiful sunrise at the Rice Terraces of Tegallalang.

Day 2: Discovering Ubud's Rice Terraces and Waterfalls

Rice Terraces:

Get picked up early in the morning to head to the Tegallalang Rice Terraces. When the sun rises above the palm trees, the light is very photogenic and shines on the rice terrace whithout having too much light for the perfect shot. The rice fields are so tranquil in the morning, it is a totally different feeling than in the afternoon when many people will be arriving at the same spot.

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Tip: If you want to take a stroll through the rice fields, Prepare to get a little muddy and beware not to slip! If you meet a rice farmer and want to take an authentic photo of him working in the fields, it will be a great opportunity to practice your Bahasa Indonesia. Prepare to tip around 10k – 20k IDR for the photo shooting of a farmer.

Plan around 2 hours for the rice terrace experience and be prepared to pay the entrance fee after getting back to the parking area.

After enjoying the Rice Fields, you will head to the most beautiful waterfalls around Ubud. 

Tap on the photos below to see the name of the place


To us, he most spectecular one is Tukad Cepung WaterfallThe mystical vibe on the bautiful way through the canyon to Tukad Cepung is just something to remember. 

We also recommend visiting Tibumana Waterfall as well as Suwat Waterfall and Kato Lampo. These waterfalls are very popular and somehow crowded if you get there too late. We recommend picking your favourite one and making it the next stop to avoid the crowds.

Tip: If you want to have a good laugh, visit Kato Lampo last. There were loads of people and it was hilarious to observe, what people do for their “perfect photo”. You should not be shy to pose in front of all of the people watching you, if you want to take a good shot there.

Note: Almost every place in Bali has an entrance fee so for these waterfalls the entrance fee is between 0.80 – 3 USD.

Monkey Forest:

After having lunch at a warung, get back to Ubud and visit the famous Sacred Monkey Forest. 

Tip: Don’t bring any food and if possible leave all your belongings in the car as these cheeky Monkeys try to steal everything they can get into their small & quick hands.

Ubud is also famous for the traditional dance shows as well. If you are interested and not too tiered after a day of exploration go and see one of those traditional performances at the Ubud palace. We didnt make it.

Note: The price for the car and driver for the full day varies depending on where you want to go. So for a full day exploring in and around Ubud cost about 60$ for the privately hired car.

Tap on the photos below to see the name of the place

a woman standing in front of a waterfall
Sekumpul waterfall
Bukit Cinta, Bali, Indonesia

Day 3 - 5

Day 3: Explore Waterfalls and Travel to Munduk

Today will be all about exploring northern Bali. 

Start early as you have a long way to go and there is a lot to see. You will avoid the rush hour traffic, too, if you start well before 8 am.

You will head to Leke Leke Waterfall first. It is one of our favourite waterfalls and we recommend being there early to enjoy the beauty of it all by yourself.

Tip: If you leave Ubud early enough, you can stop by at Bayan Ancient Tree to get the first instagrammable photo of the day.

The way down to the Leke Leke is easy going and takes about 15 minutes. The path is beautiful and you will walk past all kind of different rainforest plants.

Note: Be prepared to get muddy feet and to get sweaty on the way. The air in the valley is quite humid and there is little wind to cool you down.

Tip: Bring an extra dress or shirt to change after the walk back up, if you sweat quickly. 

The next stop is Nung Nung Waterfall. It originates from the Nung Nung River, which flows through the jungle before plunging into a pool below. 

Nung Nung waterfall is a very popular spot. It is one of the highest waterfalls in Bali and beautiful to reresh yourself. We didnt get to see it, because we didn’t plan well and didn’t make it there before dawn.

The next stopp will be an idyllic temple called Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Bedugul. The entrence fee of 50.000 IDR (3,50 $) is a little pricy for Bali but it is a beautiful place with the Lake behind the temple.

If the sun hasn’t set already, you can also visit the Hedara Gate. It is one of many gates in Bali, but it got very popular through instagram. So if you want another “must have” for your instagram feed, give it a go.

Note: As the gate has become quite popular, you will have to pay 30.000 IDR (1,90 $) per person for your photo shooting.

Check into Munduk Sari Resort and get something nice to eat.

Day 4: Explore the treasurs around Munduk and drive to Amed

Like always in Bali, we recommend starting early to make the most of your day and avoid the crowds at the popular places.
Note: Todays waterfalls are in the highlands of Bali, which are prone to heavy rains. Take a look at a rain radar to see if the suggeted route makes sense for today! Taking rain protection for yourself and your gear is also a good idea.
Your first stop today will be Munduk Waterfall. You can get quite close to it by car and reach it after a short track through the lush green forest.
Tip: This is a classic Insta-photo-spot. We just took a few photos and left, because it sarted getting crowded quite early and there are some other beautiful places to come.
After that, visit Banyumala Twin Waterfall. We haven’t seen it yet, because on our first trip, the driver has just not found the spot before it got dark, and on the second try, we lost some time in the morning due to an incident with our drone.
Tip: Banyumala is great to take a scenic dip in the natural pool beneath it. Make sure to take a towel and some changing clothes! 
Not far from here is Git Git Waterfall wich is also beautiful but very touristic. It is nice for a quick photo if you are lucky and there is not too much going on.
Tip: If you want some more action, you can rappel along the waterfall, too. Prepare to get soaked!
The highlight for today is Sekumpul Waterfall and the Hidden Waterfall. We recommend taking some time for these beautiful waterfalls. The best way to explore them is going down to the valley to see the waterfalls up close.
At Sekumpul, it is mandatory to take a guide with you, to support the local community. Including the entrance and parking fees, we paid about 300.000 IDR (19 USD) in total.
Kadek (📞+62 858 575 04 262), our guide was a great companion on our sekumpul adventure. He was entertaining explaining a lot about the nature and teaching us some Bahasa Indonesia basics which helped us to cennect with the locals along our futher journey.
Be prepared for a steep and sweaty way down to the waterfall. We took a dip to cool down and prepare for the long and steep way back up.
After an en exhausting day chasing waterfalls, head to Amed which is located on the east coast of Bali. 
Evening relaxation on Amed’s black sand beaches with nice food at Warung Pantai.
Tip: Go to bed early to get up easier tomorrow!

Day 5: Explore Eastern Bali

Today, you have to get up early to see the beautiful sunrise at Bukit Cinta Viewpoint with Mount Agung in the background. Even if you are not an early bird, this will be totally worth it.
Tip: We recommend being there at least 30 Minutes before sunrise to see the full spectacle of the sun rising.

Bukit Cinta is one of our favourite spots to enjoy the sunrise. The tranquil atmosphere, the light changes during the morining hours and the Agung Volcano slowly emerging from the distance behind the lush green ricefields are absolutely special.

Note: The best photo spot is not where it is marked on Google Maps. You will have to walk through the deep grass to get there. Our guide told us, that there are no snakes inside grassland, but we recommend better shoes than just flip flops for your own safety.

After taking in the magic sunrise atmosphere, go on to visit Pura Lempuyang Temple, known for its iconic “Gates of Heaven”. You will only have the nice view of mount Agung when the weather is clear but the Temple itself is very beautiful, too.
Note: To respect the culture, be sure to wear proper clothes that don’t reveal to much skin and cover Shoulders and knees. You can rent or buy a sarong in front of the temple, if you dont have one yet.

You can a stop at Langhan Sweet on your way to the coast. It is another viewpint of Mount Agung featuring a scenic instagramy platform.

Go on to the coast of Pesinggahan. You have the opportunity to visit the traditional Salt Farmers. It is tremendous to see how they use the heat of the black beach to concentrate the sea water.
To produce the crispy large crystals of salt, the salty black sand is then washed and the saline solution is dried in handmade wooden gutters for the salt crystals to form very slowly.
Tip: The handmade sea salt is a great authentic gift for culinary enthusiasts at home. Of course, the salt farmers really appreciate you being interested in their craft and buying something.
The black beach is a nice place to beat the crowds, too. It allows you to take some stunning photos and to enjoy the beauty of the sea.

Get back to Ubud and spend the night at the beautiful Anusara Luxury Villa, if you have some budget left. We trated ourselves with the beautiful Honeymoon Suite. The massage was awesome after the exhausting first days.

If you are more on a budget, we recommend to book a night at Tanah Merah Art Resort.

Tap on the photos below to see the name of the place

a green forest with a field and a volcano in the background
Green Bowl Beach with trees and water
a cave with a person standing on the beach

Day 6 - 7

Day 6: Relax at Uluwatu's Beaches and Cliffs

Take your time for a relaxed morning and enjoy the rich and tasty breakfast at Anusara Luxury Villas.

Tip:  If you have got a drone with you, The rice fields and forests around Anusara Villas are great to take a classic Bali Photo with the Agung Volcano in the Background.

Drive to Uluwatu, known for its dramatic clifftop views. The area has a more European feeling with trendy cafes and restaurants.

We checked out Bingin Beach with it’s interesting looking Rock at the Beach. After having a late lunch at the Beach Restaurant Sally’s Warung we drove to Karang Boma Cliff for sunset.

Note: The spot you take the insta photo from is quite far away from the cliff. You will need some time here as you won’t be the only one wanting to take a picture, so be there well before sunset. 

Don’t forget to take some time to watch the sunset from here. It is truely magical. Karang Boma Cliff is a famous camping spot for the locals, too and a great opportunity to connect and have a beer together.

After that, check in to the cute Hotel Rock ‘n’ Reef situated right in the cliffs.

Tip: If you need it quiet for sleeping, better don’t choose the room down by the sea. The waves smash right into the cliffs underneath the room leally loudly at high tide.

Day 7: Exploring Uluwatu's Coastal Gems

Have a beautiful breakfast at the Terrace with views over the ocean watching the surfers riding the waves.

Make your way to Green Bowl Beach. As the beach is really small better get there earlier than later to beat the crowds.

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The path down to the beach are stairs that are in good condition but still very exhausting as it is very humid and hot under the trees.

The highlight down at the beach is a big temple inside a cave.

Note: As this temple is a spiritual place, you are not allowed to enter it except for practicing ceremonies or prayers. Taking photos is very disrespectful as well.

The beach was completely crowded, so we went straight back up again.

Tip: This is a beautiful place to take some photos and videos with a drone. 

Head to the secluded Gunung Payung Beach after enjoying the green bowl beach. The Beach is easily accessable walking through an open-air theatre.

After getting down to the Beach there is a series of caves on the right hand side of the beach with a spectacular large cave at the very end. 

Tip: The locals like to hang out in the shady caves listening to music, so this is a good place to practice your Indonesian, too. 

On the way back, you can rent a SUP or a Kayak if you want to do some sports or you can just have an ice cream at the little shop by the beach if you feel lazy like we did.

Enjoy one more evening in Uluwatu before heading home or going to your next destination in Indonesia. The food at Rock ‘n’ Reef is really nice and you can play a round of Billard ejoying some fresh cool drinks after your day at the beach.

Tap on the photos below to see the name of the place

Anusara Luxury Villas, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Travel Costs


  • Budget: €10 – €42 per night
  • Mid-range: €42 – €127 per night
  • Luxury: €127+ per night


  • Airport transfer: €8.50 – €25.50 (round trip) depends on where you stay in Bali
  • Scooter rental: €4.25 – €8.50 per day
  • Car rental: €17 – €60 per day
  • Taxi/Grab fares: Variable, depending on distance and negotiation skills


  • Budget: €2 – €8.50 per meal
  • Mid-range: €8.50 – €17 per meal
  • Fine dining: €17+ per meal


  • Temples and cultural sites entrance fees: €0.85 – €4.25 per site
  • Water sports (surfing, snorkeling, diving): €17 – €85 depending on activity and duration
  • Spa/massage treatments: €8.50 – €42 per session
  • Adventure tours (hiking, cycling, ATV rides): €25 – €85 per person


  • In total your stay for a seven day Itinerary will cost 300 – 800€ per person without flights.

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